Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween!

we had Luke Skywalker


A Tiger!

Off for our trick or treating....

here is most of our gang!
Aidan aka Curious George, Baby Ben aka Pumpkin, Connor aka the Bat,
David aka Obi won kenobi, Caleb the Tiger, Abby is behind there aka Elmo, Emily B aka elephant, Big Ben aka green monster, Emilee aka Super Emma, Josh aka Luke Skywalker.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Girl Time!

Not sure if you all remember the last time I had the girls.....there was lots of POO involved! So today I had the pleasure of having the two girls all to myself so I figured I should make a better memory for myself! We did manicures! They both sat so well, and were very pleased with their pretty nails.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Maybe it should be Top 20 things NOT to say!

Well my fellow past, present and possibly one day pregnant people! Your contributions have not gone unoticed! Reading your comments just bring me back to the days of pregancy, which when you add all three up were alot! So I thought I should post the add ons: Here are 10-15!

10. When a mother is on bedrest do not tell her "it will all be worth it in the end"...believe me I KNOW!!! But it doesn't make it any easier untill the baby arrives!!

11. I would love to be able to lay around all day, I wish my dr. would prescribe me to be on bedrest."

12. sharing stories of women they knew who gave birth on their kitchen floors, cars! Is that not the craziest thing you can tell a woman about to give birth?

13. asking an unexpecting woman if she is pregnant...another BAD question. Just DON'T ask that one at all!!!

14. looking at someone from behind and saying they could definitely tell you are pregnant. )qoute from miss tiny Cara Lee)"I actually had a couple of people comment on my size...this is a big NO NO!!"

15. Not bad you just have a couple of stretch marks there hey!

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Monday, October 23, 2006

Top ten things NOT to say to a pregnant women

As most of you know Natalie (sister in law) is pregnant with her first baby! We are very excited. Unfortunately she has not had the easiest or most enjoyable pregnancy. Actually she has had a completely HORRIBLE pregnancy starting with a cycst the size of an orange, cramping, kidney stones followed by an irratable uterus which means continuous contractions, to complete bed rest to possible medical intervention, to overnight stays in the hospital and really the list could go on and on! Nat will finally be 35weeks on wednesday but as she has hit the 30 week mark there has been many a times we have thought this is it here comes the baby. This past weekend was a perfect example all the indicators that would tell a pregnant mom that I am finally ready and it is time to go to the hospital! But just like every pregnant mom (well most of them) she gets sent back home as it is not time, more progress needs to happen. Right now for all of you detail orientated people Nat is completely effaced and 1cm dialated. So Nat continues to lay in bed fight through the pain and wait for the day her baby is ready to come and meet all of us! Thinking about her really had me thinking of the worst things you can ask a pregnant women!! In the picture above our friend Carissa is with Nat she is pregnant too due in March!!! And we have another close friend Janelle who is due in december! So we are surrounded by them and it wasn't so long ago that I was one of them and had all the annoying, ridiculous comments made by everyone you can imagine. So for all of you pregnant women this is for you!!!
Top ten things to not say to a pregnant women:

1. Unless you know for certain someone is close to their due date of over due never say Oh you look like you are ready to POP!

2. I love how you look when you are pregnant you are glowing your face is full and round.

3. Commenting on the belly size....this is just dangerous. Wow you're belly is so tiny(that can freak a mom out about her baby being too small), or one from my own personal experience Are you sure you don't have twins in there?

4. No one ever told you being pregnant was going to be easy did they?

5. (an expecting mom expresses how big they feel) Don't worry you are eating for two or Wow you sure do have a big appetite.

6. Phoning your expectant friend daily to see if there is any change when close to baby's due date. (avoid the question phone with distractions mom's get so sick of talking about what may happen they are anticipating 100 times more then you)

7. You look tired.

8. I can see you have that maternity mask ( for those that don't know what this is, it is the wonderful blotchy skin that one can get when pregnant or right after)

9. Strangers, just don't go up to pregant people and rub their bellies it just isn't right!

10. Wow you must be having a boy you are carrying it all around, in other words you have a big butt!!!

Hope this little list will help all!

Way to go Ladies, we already have three additions to the list (see comments) feel free to add to this top ten in the comments!

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Isn't that what Family is for?

As most of you know our brother got married a couple weeks ago, and with that special occasion we got to see all of our out of town family. It was great to catch up with them, spend time with them and of course put them to work:) Really what else do you do? Our dads are our go to guys when things break down in our house, if Ry is unable to solve the problem we don't call the electrician, plumber or carpet guy we call one of our Dads! Lucky for us we had extra reinforcments because my Uncle Ray was staying with my parents and they were summoned to fix the clogged toliet! This toliet had been plugged for over a week, we tried all the usual methods, but when all failed we called my Dad. He came and him and my Uncle had their own special methods...which failed too! The end result was taking the toliet off the hmmmm whatever you call the thing it is on? the hole in the ground? sounds good. They did that and low and behold they found the problem. We had a pretty good guess as to who and what had happened! Our darling daughter has a fascination with how toliets work and what you
can put in them, while experimenting she chose a small toy to flush and it worked but was stuck in the bottom of the toliet. What a girl! Well thanks Dad and Uncle Ray for fixing the problem and Ryan too!

Tuesday, October 17, 2006


My dear friend Lana Davidson is currently in Costa Rica! She has chosen to travel these many miles with a servant heart. Lana has felt called into the mission field for many years and has gone on short term trips but this trip is different. She has left all she knows and ventured with only the bags she could carry to a new country to fulfill her calling she has committed herself to one year. Lana has so much to offer as she has many years experience working in the medical field at Children's Hospital (nuclear medicine), the amazing thing is although Lana has these medical talents God is using her for her strengths he has blessed her with, PRAYER! Lana has been praying for the Cabecar people specifically which are in a village close to where she is living!
Lana is having the experience of a lifetime and anyone who is interested can be part, she has a blog and you can check it out anytime I have it on my links "Lana in Costa Rica" here is the site http://thelcdwatch.blogspot.com/

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Joshua Ryan

I had to have a long talk with Josh the other day. We were discussing the importance of responsibility and making sure you make the "good" choices when given any responsibility. Of course I used the story of his cousins and a unfortunate error of their ways, while sent to wait at the bridge for their mom who was only a few seconds behind them, they choose to venture further on down the creek. It only took Cara Lee 10minutes (yes that is a long time) or so to find them, but once she did she had a similar discussion with her boys. I was trying to use this example to help Josh understand. Anyhow I had told Josh their consequence to making this choice was they were no longer allowed to run ahead from Auntie when they are walking. He asked me a series of questions like, so no more races, do they have to hold onto the stroller, and on he went. I steered him back on topic of him and his choices and making sure he is a responsible boy. He knew his consequence was coming so he stopped me and said you know mom I thin that a good consequence for me is that I shouldn't be able to run ahead, ya you can take running away I am ok with that. Yes and on goes the life of Joshua Ryan Douglas, who's mother has banned him from running, yup only in his dreams!!!!
Caleb Jackson

If you want to get to know Caleb on a more personal level....DRIVE WITH HIM! You can ask his Auntie and Uncle they know best as every time he seems to be in a car with them he has a variety of suggestions for them to help improve their driving abilities. Ryan and I don't get to experience this commentary from him as he knows we are the "perfect" drivers, but we do get to here about other cars if they are passing us, as Caleb is all about winning and while in the car we are in a race of course. Makes you wonder hey, where does he get this competitive edge from? Me and Ry can't figure it out!

Abigail Grace

Then there is our little Princess! Auntie Nat asked me today if I notice a difference between the boys and Abby? Where do I start? Well she does like the star wars action figures but they are more likely to be seen having their face washed or being fed. She does like playing hockey but oh my goodness she has more attitude then anyone I have met. The best way to describe Abby is Miss Independent. She knows what she wants and how to get it, she is a women on a mission and watch out if you get in her way! But she really is cute ! She does have her first crush though, she is smitten with our friend Steve Kater! There are not too many people she will leave mom for but at the sight of Steve she will push, kick and wiggle her way away from me to get to him in a heartbeat! Steve you are a lucky man!

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

The Toast or is it Roast to the Groom!

Cara Lee and I worked really hard on our toast for Shane, and to our BIG disappointment the sound didn't work on our file when it came time, so I have put together a little something in honor of our toast!! Enjoy the sound:)))) Sorry it is a bit long.

Our Baby Brother FINALLY Ties the Knot!