Monday, April 28, 2008


I had to race over to the computer as I disguise my laughter with ah and amazement. This is a bit detailed but so worth sharing. Caleb is in the bathroom and has been there for awhile, so I was quite concerned Josh heard me asking him "detailed" questions about his bathroom visit thus far as I walked by Josh he informed me "you know that is called condensation", my reply was "huh?" Josh repeats "What Caleb has it is called condensation"....ahhh the poorly disguised look of amazement that Josh would know such a word is questioned with, "mom why are you laughing?" hee hee don't' worry I will go tell him the truth....

Another funny word mix up:
As we were driving home from church yesterday Abby was singing in the van "how-a-will, how-a-will, how-a-will, how-a-will-ya, Crazy the Lord! Crazy the Lord, how-a-will-ya, Crazy the Lord, How-a-will-ya, Crazy the Lord, how-a-will-ya, Craaaaazy the Lord.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Monday, March 31, 2008

Bad Blogger

Again it has been over a month, WOW time just zooms by doesn't it. We have had a very eventful last few weeks. We ventured to Disneyland over spring break with the Douglas Clan. We enjoyed 5 full days at Disneyland, Sea World as well as Lego Land. I was as usual impressed with all the amazing rides, shows and entertainment at Disneyland and California Adventure. Sea World was a big disappointment to all of us. We really enjoyed the Shamu Show but other then that there wasn't much to see. It was over crowded and very disorganized. Lego Land was fun but it was no comparison to Disneyland. I don't think there was ride we did not do. The three kids have very different personalities and different tolerance levels for rides. Abby repetition was necessary, the first time on almost every ride was fear of course when she went on the ride the second or third time it was filled with cheers and laughter. The ride she surprised us most with was the Matterhorn. This little three year old loved this ride screaming with excitement with hands raised the entire ride. Caleb was relatively fearless with some limitations. He DID NOT like to get WET! Therefore Splash Mountain and the grizzly river raft were not favorites. He did each one once, and that was all he would tolerate. Initially he informed us that rides with falling, and going upside down were not fun and he would not go on anything like this. Very understandable for a 5 year old but by the final day Caleb conquered California Screamin ( the roller coaster with the loop-de-loo (sp)) and the terrifying Tower of Terror (the elevator gone wrong that drops I don't know how many stories I was scared!) Josh is easy to describe FEARLESS! There was nothing he wouldn't try. The only one I saw him show some caution or reaction to was Indiana Jones. While you are in line they show a little movie which tells you NOT to look in the eyes of the idol, the first few times Josh went on this ride he saw NOTHING, in fear of making eye contact with the idol he kept his head down the entire ride. After me explaining to him it is just a story and realizing nothing happened to me after the third time I went on this ride, he finally looked around and saw all of the cool things.
Our vacation was extremely fun and extremely exhausting my advice to anyone planning a vacation here is make sure to book some R&R time in there.
I will post pictures soon!!!