Monday, May 29, 2006

A Man must have his Priorities!

I have so much to blog and such little time. Today has been a quiet day but non the less extremely eventful. I will start with the scare of my life. Around 3pm today I was getting Abby up from her nap and heading downstairs to relieve the boys from their quiet time (computer and xbox) when I reached the bottom of the stairs I looked towards the front door to see a MAN standing there. I was in such shock. The good thing was I knew who the man was, the bad thing was how the heck did he get in my house. There standing in my front entrance was Matt Kennedy. I was completely shocked and speechless (which doesn't happen too often). I did not say hi, I did not say what are doing here my only question was HOW DID YOU GET IN MY HOUSE! The poor guy looked almost as shocked as me. He told me the kids let him in and when he asked them where their mommy was they informed him "she is having a quiet time" and went back to their games having Matt watch. Matt said he called for me but I did not hear a thing. Phew at least it was someone I knew hey....I hope the kids would NEVER answer the door to someone they don't know....we will be working on that! The worst part of the story is Matt came for his sunglasses that he had left at our house. Well we didn't notice the sunglasses but the kids did. I think Abby found them first and in her attempt to put them on broke them in half. I was able to return the glasses to Matt only in two pieces.....sorry Matt! Hopefully we will be able to find him a new pair!

Earlier in the day we were off to pick up Caleb from preschool. As a mom some of the best times and worst times with the kids are in the van driving. Today was a best times day! After we picked Caleb up we headed to the grocery store (where we had lots of worst times moments) on our ride there Josh was having some deep thoughts. He asked "Mom boys can't marry boys right" my reply "No they can't". "Why not?" josh asked, my reply "Well that would be kinda gross wouldn't it?" josh laughed and agreed! He then asked me "How did you decide you wanted to marry daddy?" I told him "because he was the one I loved my favorite boy." josh-"what do you love about him" I told him all the things I love about Ryan, "he is handsome, he is good at sports, he is really smart, he is kind and thoughtful, he loves going to church and most importantly he has Jesus in his heart!" The next thing that came out of Josh's mouth floored me "Well a Man has to have his priorities." I looked in the rear view mirror and I says "pardon" (in my best Champ impression) josh stated "Daddy had to have his priorities". I asked Josh "where did you hear that?" He then explained to me the reference came from a highly sophisticated show we let him watch...."Jimmy Neutron" it is a quote from Jimmy's dad "A man must have his priorities!"

I know you are all dying to know if I asked Josh if he has a favorite girl? Well you can rest easy I did and here is his reply "Hmmm well I want to marry someone I don't know, it will be a surprise."
the end!

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

ok here is the video

yes my name is tawny and I am addicted to windows movie maker.....

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Long Weekend laughs

We just returned from a weekend in Osoyoos, the desert of BC! Not so much this weekend. The weather was not so great, I think they saw more rain there this weekend then they do all year. But somehow I still managed to get a sun burn? Go figure! We went to Ryan's parents place at Paradise Park, with them, Ry's brother and wife Marc and Nat. Ryan's parents just purchased a boat so this was the christening of "sudden debt" in the water.

The boys despite the weather found time for a tube ride...and yes Ryan wore those bob the builder goggles the entire time:) It was so choppy we thought a couple times that they might bounce out. But thank goodness they didn't it would of been sooooo cold.

Abby loved her freedom andany moments of confinment sent her into a rebellion. She has had better weekends. Her sleeping habits were hmm well non existent. She had her own agenda and that was to roam the park freely, chase ducks and ride in the boat. Anything else just annoyed her!

We squeaked in a couple games. Settlers which I really should of one I just needed one more brick. And cities and knights....funny I can't remember who won that one. I must be in denial about it.

Our ride home was the most comical more because what else can you do but laugh when you are moving that slow! The first obstacle was a brown cow! Traffic came to a hault as people avoided the large cow.

The kids were entertained as they watched Jimmy can see by abby's face it was pretty intense. The other obstacles along the way were plain old traffic so it made for a longer trip. Normally it is about 4 hours it took us just over 5. But we are home safe and sound.

Monday, May 15, 2006


Well it is official....I have joined the other side! I am officially Thirty. So far so good. We had a great time celebrating it, pickleball, games, dinner with friends and family. It was a whole day event thanks to my hubby and I had tons of fun. Hopefully everyone else did too! I will see if I can put a little video together so you can get a peek into what the day consisted of for me:)
Thanks for a great day Ry!!

here is the video!!!

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Ice Ice Baby

Normally you would think kids laugh at the movie...well NOT my kids who needs the movie, it is the previews that get them going! Check out this video...

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

The Big Race!

Have a peek at but yet another video into the douglas house!

Story by Josh

To listen to the well renowned Josh tell one of his story's just click on the picture and enjoy.

Monday, May 08, 2006

cake it is

Yup, me and my pal Cheryl did this. Ya know we are pretty proud of it too for a first time cake decorating experience. We used a fonthingamajig or something to cover the cake and then cut out shapes and stuff...the more important detail is we did this in like less then an hour. And with not the right amount of fonthingamajig stuff....OH ya we had another helper in there too. It was at our church a womens thingie we went too and this was the course we sorta signed up for. Not too bad hey!

Note to Self...

Do Not go along Lougheed Highway when going for your run! This morning I was off for my usual exercise routine the jogger buggy's tires were low so we went to the closest gas station to pump dem up! I then decided to take a different route and go down lougheed it is straight and flat. Well after feeling the gusts of wind push me and abby off the shoulder a few times I have re-evaluated and will NOT run down there again! I am sure I probably broke some Mommy safety law, I bet I am out of the club now. Sheesh. I could feel every mini van just staring me down....and then you can just start to think of the comments they spitting out! hee hee.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Shop, Drop and Snore!

This weekend was a Mommy retreat! Me and my Sis were given a weekend away from a dear loving husbands. And it was such a treat. We headed down to Seattle (we were dropping my parents off at the airport) early early early Saturday morning. We headed for a place called North most peolple reading a map is a easy task but for some reason for the two of us it was a challenge actually we were really good at reading the map it was the watching for signs we weren't so good at. We toured Seattle for well we won't disclose the time it is too embarassing, but we had great attitudes and were just happy to be on a break. Once we reached North Bend we were chomping at the bit to shop, it was a great outlet mall, we had a good start to a weekend of shopping. After a few hours there we needed retreat so we headed to our hotel which was great (all done by the hubby's I think David actually gets credit here!). It was a nice place where we got to rest up for a bit then we headed over to the "super mall". I don't think "super mall" does it justice. It was a honkin huge mall, it was just stinkin huge. We shopped for a couple of hours but we were needing to drop. We went back to the hotel to enjoy the hot tub and relax. The next day we had a delicious breaky and ventured over to Chelsea Outlet in Tulalip. We loved this one too! We stayed for few hours and then completed the shopping extravaganza. Back home for our baseball game...which unfortunately our team lost. But we played together well as a team and it was a fun game it was nice and close.
Well that was our weekend. Me and my sis feel pretty lucky to have husbands who appreciate our work at home so much...we are very blessed. I must give extra props to UNCLE DAVID, he was Mr. Mom for most of the weekend and had 5 kids for lots of the time. He will now be forever referred to as Super Uncle! Abby was with her Nana, for her own retreat. I know not very many dads would do this so willingly so I feel pretty honored that I have such an amazing Husband!

Friday, May 05, 2006

Do you know Abby's Bear?

If you know Abby you know about her bear the two are inseperable. Well we just go this urgent letter regarding her best buddy BEAR!

We recieved this picture attached with a note that read:
Dear abby
If you want to see your bear again send 100 cookies to uncle david or else the bear gets it
the bearnapper

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Stanley Cup Playoffs

At our house Hockey isn't just on TV it is the air you breathe. I knew this getting into this marriage so I am ok with it, I am actually learning to embrace it. Well I am learning. But no matter what no one can say the playoffs aren't exciting. This is the kinda of hockey I like to watch. Well it started yesterday the boys were all watching the game, and when the overtime break hit they coudn't wait to get a stick in their hands and play, their dad too. They all filed outside and thus it began. The Stanley cup Playoffs in the front yard. I am not completely sure how the games go but I heard in great detail who was winning so far.....and that is Caleb. The funny thing is I was given strict instructions to call them in when the game was back on, I did! They were having so much fun by the time they finished their period the game was finished.
I will keep ya posted as to who will finally win the Douglas Stanley Cup!

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

A really fun Game!

Hey guys, my friend Steve was telling me that I needed to try this game called "Ticket to Ride"! So I did. It is really fun. If you wanna give it a go here is the website!
Once you are on the website click on play, you have to get a password and user name but you can play for free, some people subscribe there are more options if you do, but you still can play if you don't!!
have fun!

Monday, May 01, 2006

Caleb's birthday in a Nutshell!

It is about 4minutes long...a little longer then most of the other video's

More Great Family News!!!

Bad Blogger

I have not kept up my end of the bargain here. Sorry folks.
We have had so much happen over the past few weeks! We had Caleb's birthday on April 18th I will put some pictures on. We had lots of fun "Caleb's Sports Bash" He had a bunch of his little friends over and they had to complete a variety of sporting events; balloon volleyball, basketball, dart throw, long jump, homerun derby, soccer shoot out and hockey slap shots! We had a great time. Pictures to come I have tried to download them three times and it seems to be having some issues.
In other news.....
Remember I mentioned the mouse....that problem seems to be resolved. No more sightings or any caught in our various traps. But on Caleb's birthday while we were in the front yard we had a snake slither by. One of the dad's Adam picked it up and all the kids were able to have an upclose and personal look at the snake...ewww. Then on Friday night Ryan noticed our neighbor had his truck facing our house lights on shining right at us. Hoping he wasn't going to run our home down Ryan popped his head out to see what was up. We were SHOCKED to discover we had a visit from bear. He was finishing off the rest of Caleb's birthday cake that had been thrown in the trash beside the house. This bear had just visited a couple of neighbors homes too, hence why our one neighbor followed him in his truck. The man in the truck got out and was throwing things at the bear which scared it and the bear took off into our backyard where he must of hopped the fence. So what is up? Sheesh maybe there was something to the less private neighborhood, this more private one gets the wilder visits. I will keep ya posted on the neighborhood bear!!