Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Happy New Year!

We are back to routine here at the Douglas household! Our days of sleeping in and hanging around in our pajama's came to a screeching halt Monday morning. We have been playing many board games and of course a ton of Wii. I am now suffering from what is called "wii arm" hey don't mock it, I will take any of you on, in some Mario/Sonic Olympics....it is tough!

Monday brought not only an early morning but a very restless sleep. On Sunday night when we went to bed I was complaining that it seemed really warm, but didn't think much of it. I kept waking up periodically kicking the covers off as it was so HOT! Finally at 4am Josh came in and said "Mommy I am so warm" now someone else agrees and it isn't just me so I crawled out of bed opened our bedroom door and the heat hit me like a blazing fire. I continued to walk downstairs to attempt to figure out what was going on. I reached the thermostat and to my SHOCK the temperature of our house was 77 degrees Celsius and rising. Although my brain was telling me that can't be right my body was telling uh ya it feels like it is. Right now I am sitting comfortably and the thermostat is at 62 to give you an idea of how stinkin HOT it was!!! Anyhow I tried to turn it off and the furnace kept going the thermostat was not responding, meanwhile I could hear this odd sound someone breathing very heavy...I realize OH the dog. The poor thing is in his kennel where I can only begin to imagine how hot it was in there being so confined, I crack open some windows offer him some water and continue on my mission to solve the case of the malfunctioning Furnace. By this time it was about 4:15am I was really tired so my mission although just beginning needed to conclude because in roughly 3 hours our back to school panic was going to begin whether I was rested or NOT! I thumped down the basement stairs and hit the magic button (the switch on our wall that every time my sister is here she thinks is a light switch and chooses that moment in her life to be the best "flick off" person around which normally has us waking up with icicles under our noses) and waited to here the hum of the furnace stop. THANK THE LORD it did. I thumped back up to bed opened some more windows and lay there waiting for the exhaustion to overtake me. Funny it didn't the wires in my brain began to overheat and all I could think about was man I really should have those carbon monoxide detectors in our house, what if something like this is what sends out the poisons that kill everyone in their sleep. I now lay there contemplating if I have opened enough windows and realize I have the sole responsibility for survival of my family (remember the wires are going crazy in my head). At this point it is 4:30 am and everyone but Abby is in our bed sounds asleep. So now I am thinking OH NO Abby is the only one possibly overheating, is she ok? Of course I get up and check on her make sure she is ok and she is. I crawl back into bed but can't cool off I hook up a fan have it blowing on high, before I settle right in I check on Abby one more time (darn wires in womens brains we need a switch so we too can "flick off"). I return to our bed settle in feeling I have conquered the attack of the furnace with all family members safe and accounted for my eyes begin to drift my mind shuts off and Ryan awakes to say "It is freezing in here".

Needless to say Ryan took the boys to school Monday morning!