Friday, July 28, 2006

soccer camp

WE had soccer camp all week long, the boys had a blast!

Tuesday, July 25, 2006


WE have had a spill on the carpet, you know those smelly felts? Well a while back Caleb was experimenting with them and put them in water. It was so messy well we cleaned it all up and put the felts away for about three weeks, that was the consequence. We brought them back out yesterday and one of the felts had a build up of water in it and when josh opened it, it splashed him all over the belly, he then proceeded to bring it to me to show me the mess it made, in doing so he dripped on the carpet. I have tried to get it out but have had no luck! HELP, any suggestions? Does anyone know the miracle thing I can buy to remove the pink blobs from the carpet???

Family Holiday!

In case you didn't know we just returned from the never ending journey to Saskatchewan! We headed to the prairies for my cousin's wedding July 15th! Although it was a LOT of driving we had a great time with my family, here have a peek!

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Boys Night Out!

Here is a night out for the boys in honor of Josh's 6th Birthday! He was allowed to bring two friends he picked his brother Caleb and his cousin David! They had a great time!
have a peek!

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Painting Gone Wrong?

A few weeks ago I had my favorite Nephews over, we had a few activites set out that we were working on! I had seperated the oldies and youngies for a bit! The young guns had finished at the painting table and left everything neat and tidy for their big brothers to come and have a turn using the water paints! I came back into the kitchen after a while to discover my eldest nephew decided to explore with paint, I just laughed and thought hmmm well that is kinda fun! So I gathered all four boys and let them all be as creative as they wanted with the water color paints. Turns out this kids water paint, the kind you had in school that barely shows up and is really light, was not so light after all! The boys played with water balloons and still no paint faded at all! My kids ran threw the sprinkler and nothing. Cara lee later called me after she gave David a shower to say um this is not coming off! So I then had my kids in the bath scrubbing them down....I think to this dayJosh's belly button is still blue! But just really have a look at some of the decorative painting especially Caleb's face and Davids legs. Leave it to me....but itwas a painting experience we will never forget hee hee!

Summer is Fabulous!

So far we have jumped right into the summer swing of things! Took off to Osoyoos for a couple days and soaked up the rays! We have also visited a few water parks, hung out with friends, stayed in our jammies for way to long, slept in and of course been swimming like crazy in our pool! The only bad news is our pool has sprung a leak. We finally had it warmed up to a swimmable standard (grown up standard that is, the kids will swim in ice water)and last night we noticed the hole. Our kids are soooo sad. But we think we can fix it, so far most stores are sold out of patch kits, but we are on the hunt and hopefully we will be able to fill the pool up again soon. That thing holds a ton of water, it is taking FOREVER to drain. I will keep ya posted on the mend. We will still manage to enjoy this sweet start to summer, keep those sunshiney days a coming!