Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Time to go to the Dentist!

On Friday Abby had her VERY first dentist appointment. I was a bit worried as to how she would react but impressed me and the dentist with how cooperative she was.

She brought along one of her best bears, (for those who don't know Abby has two cherished bears named Abby and Emmy) who also got a checkup by Abby herself with the dentist assisting.

This dentist is the best place ever it has trains that run along tracks just below the ceiling, as well as a great play area right beside the dentist chair so that while your child is waiting they can play to their hearts content.

Josh was a great patient as well he was getting sealants (sp) put on his new back molars. Caleb was along for the ride he and Josh had been the week before and both are cavity free!

Saturday, June 09, 2007


On Thursday Afternoon Ryan took us on a "family adventure" I had no clue what we were doing but he has done this from time to time so I wasn't to suspicious. We began our drive at 2:45pm off we went I was being really good not asking where we were going and just being on board with Ry's creative adventure. But once we were past Abbotsford I started to question where on earth he was taking us. I was concerned because I had a meeting that night to get to and I didn't think we were going to be venturing so far away, my hunchs were mini golf or checking out the waters in mission cause of flooding. Ryan had told me a client of his recommended doing this with our kids, so I had no idea at all. Anyhow were we now in Chilliwack driving down some country road and he goes past a house screechs to a stop as he had slightly passed the driveway as I look at the house there in the yard are four adorable golden retriever pups running about. I looked at him and screamed. See Cara Lee and David had finally found the pup of their dreams and mentioned there were two little brother pups still awaiting homes. I then started thinking wow what an opportunity someone else researched the breeder, good price, good looking dogs, and to get the sibling pup to theirs I mean really all our kids are the same age same gender wouldn't this be fitting? BUT we had not been dog talking at all, so this would be a very spontaneous purchase. Now as I am getting out of the van all these sweet little pups run to my feet and Ryan says now all we have to do is pick one. Everything was racing through my mind, I asked him "are you serious, we aren't just here to look and think about it some more?". Now I am going over all my arguments in my head thinking wow I had no idea I was so convincing, and of course realizing there is no turning back now!!! So we stayed and played with all the puppies got to see the mom and grandma and the puppies all interact. The owners have a whole whack of kids (I couldn't tell how many they kept popping up from around the farm) and we used their expertise to help choose which one ours would be. It was so hard to pick! Me and the kids were drawn to one and Ryan to another. The one Ry liked was so tubby and blonde he was so cute, me and the kids liked the smaller one who was a bit redder in color. And that is how we picked out our puppy 4-1!!

We came home and brainstormed ideas for names and it turns out our very first suggestion is the one that won out. Our puppy's name is Crosby Lu (Luongo) Douglas! He will come and live with us officially June 29th and we can't wait.

Here is our guy Crosby!

Here is a picture of Crosby (connor is holding him) and Rosie (caralee and david's puppy).

Friday, June 08, 2007

princess, fairytales, and tea parties...

Need I say More! This was the girls at Josh's Birthday Party, they found a way to make all the boy stuff work for them....just leave and start your own party! Actually you have two little girls here who are right in there with all the boy stuff and yet still love all the girly stuff too!!

Monday, June 04, 2007

Happy Birthday Josh

Well our little boy is not so little any more he is officially 7 today! I can't believe it has been seven years of course at the same time I can not imagine a day without Josh. We have been celebrated Josh's birthday this past weekend, we started with a Shrek-tastic Birthday Party at our house Saturday afternoon. Josh invited 14 friends and we had a wide variety of activities and games ready to be played. It was a great party but MAN Ryan and I were pooped at the end. After his friend party we had all of our extended family over for a bbq! It was a fun day.

Josh is incredibly creative he has a unique approach on life. Just when you think you have him figured out he surprises you. He has a love for many things art, hockey (playing, cheering or trading cards), video games, swimming, soccer, baseball and making up new games. If you have ever played a game with Josh you can understand how interesting it can be. His mind is constantly thinking so there are always new twists and turns to be added to anything you are doing with Josh.

Josh is a gentle guy he makes friends easily but yet is an individual and doesn't seem to care what others think. He is a smart boy who has picked up reading with ease, has a memory better then me, and seems to flourish in all areas at school.

We are very proud of boy and absolutely just love him to bits!

Happy Birthday Joshie!!!!