Monday, September 17, 2007

School Days

I can start by saying WOW I haven't blogged in a long while....there is good reason. September came and life turned into a marathon. We have not stopped since the first day back to school. Between school, church, sports and any other event that occurs we really have had no time left.

The kids have adjusted to their early mornings. Josh is enjoying grade 2 with his new teacher although, his class seems to have some challenges lets just say there are a bouquet of behaviours in his class. Caleb is soooo excited about kindergarten and his class seems to be adapting well to this new experience. Abby too is thrilled to be in Preschool or as she calls it "Pretty- School". All is well in the Douglas household. The boys are both in soccer and hockey which is twice a week. As well Wee College and Good news Bears are fast approaching in October!

Last night we celebrated CaraLee's 34th birthday and went out for Gelato, there is a fantastic place in downtown Maple Ridge all of the flavors are so yummy. I would have to recommend the Mango it was delicious. Anyhow while we were there Josh found a $5 bill. He was excited, shocked and proud of his findings. This left me with a bit of a question....what do you do? I couldn't think fast on my feet and Ryan wasn't there so I gave him a quick phone call to deliberate. He had a fast solution that I thought was wise. We had Josh turn in the money and when he did the lady at the counter told him to keep it. A great reward for being honest in reporting something that doesn't belong to you. So Josh is pretty proud of his new found money. Here is where it gets interesting. Josh leaves every morning for school and often has something on him that we aren't aware of, usually it is his adored pokemon cards. Today it was his $5 bill. When I was picking up Josh I could see him in his classroom and he looked like he was up to no good, I could see the mischievous look in his eyes. He spotted me and the look of guilt was very evident he rushed over to tell me he had just made this great purchase. He talked to a boy in his class and came up with this "deal"! He gave the boy his $5 for all of this boys pokemon cards, quite the stack probably 10 packs. If you know anything about pokemon cards they are expensive, 5-6$ a pack. If you could of just seen Josh's face his eyes were wide, salivating over these cards all within seconds of seeing me, once I was in view his plans were crushed. I ran in and returned the cards then had a long talk about how we don't bring money to school. I think my face was some shade of red at this point, my cardshark 7 year old wheelin and dealin in the school yard. I can only begin to imagine how powerful Josh feels with that $5 bill burning a hole in his pocket. We are going to have to make some life lesson out of this one!!