Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Today He is 5!!!

Happy Birthday Caleb Jackson!

Our little Red head is no longer 4! Actually there is nothing little about Caleb. His energy and enthusiasm are enormous. When Caleb is excited about something his eyes become wider then saucers and his grin is ear to ear. When he tells you a story it is so animated with continued interruptions of giggles from the story teller himself. Caleb is so much fun to be with, he is pretty easy going. He loves Sports and is always chomping at the bit to play one thing or the other. Right now Caleb is in his first year of baseball (t-ball) and second year of ball hockey. That is just the current status of his schedule, in the fall/winter there was soccer, hockey, skating lessons and swimming lessons. We can't seem to tucker him out!

Well today April 18th is a very special day, 5 years ago on a Thursday morning at 10:55 we met the most adorable 10 pound baby EVER. He has been such a blessing for both Ryan and me, we thank GOD every day for him.

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Groovin to the tunes!

Last Weekend Josh participated in the KIDS church production "Living What Jesus Spoke Of".It was extremely entertaining!!! The songs they sang were all parodies of 70's hits, like Stayin Alive or shall we say Paying your Tithe. YMCA was Why not today, La Vida Lo ca - Living What Jesus Spoke of, and a few more. Our Children's Pastor Ingrid did a fabulous job she created the performance, putting the songs together and incorporating scriptures and biblical principles we should all be living by. I took a ton of pictures we will see if I can make a video, but for now have a look at Josh and his hippy friend Emilee!

Monday, April 02, 2007


This past weekend was a HUGE celebration. Not only was it Auntie Natalies 28th Birthday. Josh and Caleb had their Wee College Graduation Ceremony! Caleb is officially in the sophmore class no longer a freshman. Josh has completed his third year and received his degree. In this program they learn so much about the bible. Each year they learn 13-15 memory verses which inlcude Psalm 100, The Lord's Prayer, Psalm 150 and many more. So not just little verses they have learned some big ones too! And can actually recite them. Caleb can recite all 13 verses his class learned this year along with many songs. They are taught about the divisions of the bible, many stories from the bible it is such an amazing program. In Josh's Graduate Class he learned and can recite the 12 disciples, the books of the bible, the ten commandments, Psalm 150, and the fruits of the spirit along with his 15 memory verses too. He is very excited about completing his 3 years and looking forward to joining Good News Bears, he tells me that is where ya go once you are finished Wee College. Caleb will start his Sophmore year in October.
Way to go BOYS!!!!