Monday, July 23, 2007

Kids from the Hood!

These are so cute Uncle David snapped these ones, but it pretty much summarizes the usual activity at their house the back lane is home to many hockey games!

Monday, July 16, 2007

Summer Days!

Loving the summers days being outside, hotdogs and freezies are the staples in our diet!

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Wasp Nest Update

Me and the kids were out all day enjoying the sunshine as we were driving home Ryan phoned to give us a warning. His exact words were "when you come home make sure you pull in the garage and shut the door right behind you." Odd request isn't it? The Wasp Man was at our neighbors taking care of the GIGANTIC nest and warned us that once he treats this the wasps can become aggressive and swarm and attack. YIKES! You will all be pleased to know we made it in the house without being attacked and are safely inside.

Crosby Loves to Play and Cuddle!

Here is our new puppy. He is lots of fun and LOTS of work. When we get through the biting stage I will be happy. I can handle the accidents and feeding and bathroom trips and walks those are all great but the biting hurts! He is just trying to play he isn't trying to hurt we know this much:)

Anyhow he sure loves wrestling with his sister! Crosby has the blue tag and black collar and is on the left.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Most Gigantic Wasp Nest EVER!

I was outside today and my neighbor called me over and said Tawny you have to see this. As I looked up I couldn't believe my eyes! On Sunday when the car drove through their garage, a fireman that was inspecting to make sure everything was ok structurally happened to notice the ENORMOUS wasps nest that was in the peak of their house. The pictures don't do it justice the thing is HUGE. Someone is coming to remove it tomorrow I believe, you gotta know I will be watching it will provide some good entertainment seeing them deal with this thing!!!

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Watch out for that House.

When we pulled up to our house after church today something looked different. A few of my neighbors were all standing in the driveway of the house next to us. I thought oh maybe there all just talking not too sure? As I got closer I saw what they were all talking about!!!

When we first arrived no police, firetrucks or ambulance were there, they were just being phoned so we only missed this by minutes...CRAZY. Within the next 10 minutes there were two firetrucks, a rescue truck, an ambulance and two police cars at the scene.

My one neighbor saw the whole thing, he said the red car was going to turn around (our street is a dead end very quiet) he saw her go up over the curb at which time she began accelerating. My brother's car is parked across the street from our house (he is at the Mariners baseball game with Ryan) once the red car came off the curb she swerved to miss Shane's car which put her in the direction of our tree, she proceeded with speed to hit the tree knock it over and crash into our neighbors garage. Our house is the yellow and white one. Our neighbor was home but thought something must of fallen in the kitchen and didn't think twice he had people ringing his doorbell and phoning him. He was pretty surprised.

Usually or van is here like in the picture above and our neighbors van is typically where the wood is laying. Thankfully neither of our vans were there at the time of the accident.

You can see where the top of the tree landed down the side of our house. What a mess. Thankfully no one was hurt, a car was smooshed, a garage door smashed in, a tree decapitated and sprinkler crushed to pieces.