Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Quote by Caleb...

After brushing his teeth he informed us
"Hey my tooth paste tastes like buggle-gum!"

Monday, February 27, 2006

Germ Boy

I thought you would like to get an up close and personal look at GERM BOY!
This was a week ago, don't be deceived by the beginning of the video Josh will make his appearance.
click on the picture to watch the video.

I have to say this phase is fading, thank the Lord.

Parent Teacher Meeting!

Today we met with Mrs. Mitchell, Josh's Kindergarten teacher. Its report card time and parent teacher meeting as well. There wasn't too much to say. I do get the feeling she knows him pretty well. The one thing that surprised me was she stated that he is quiet, if you know Josh you know he is anything but. Ryan explained to me that there are many similarities he noticed that him and Josh have, especially after hearing how he is in a classroom setting. Very independent, doesn't care what others are doing, has his own goal in mind, polite, quiet and right on target academically. All of Josh's wee college teachers will be very surprised by his quiet disposition I don't think they have had an opportunity to see this quiet side of Josh.

Around the World in Three Days!

Today we picked up David from school, as he comes in the house he begins to tell me that the next three days are sure gonna be busy! Now you have to picture a small 6 year old standing infront of you with his head tilted to the side smiling with his very new toothless grin and stating how busy his life is going to be these next few days. Do you kinda get the picture? It was priceless! His Mom has a work related conference the next three days so he is being picked up by various relatives and having playdates here and there. I asked David why he thought it would be so busy and he told me, "well I am going to go around the world in three days!" He is quite proud of this and seems pretty excited too. You know he will be East Maple Ridge to West Maple Ridge back to East Maple Ridge and ALL the way to Coquitlam in this short time, I know not many of us have traveled such lengths in such a small time frame! On the way to pick up his cousin and brother from their preschool, I told him he should write a book about such an experience, and that I understood that he pretty much will be around the world in this quick oh yes BUSY three days! I am sure we will all be able to pick up a copy of "Around the World in Three Days" by David Buzza aka noble steed (kinda an inside joke between me and my nephew) at a local book store near you! I'll keep you posted on this great adventure in a small 6 year old boys life.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Little Man

We finally made it to the studio today. Our call time was 1pm. And holding true to the filming caos we sat and waited for 5 hours to do 1.5 hours of work. We arrived hung out for a bit then Josh had his first experience with hair and makeup. I have never seen anyone look more awkward in my life getting their nose powdered you would of thought they were pulling teeth. His hair was a bit better he ended up getting a trim which was great a day of work and a haircut who could ask for better multi tasking! Then back to the set where we hung out. As you can see in the pictures it is quite the set. Very colorful and fun, all the kids played together and that made the time go by extremely fast. Finally just before 6pm it was time for wardrobe all the kids got on their outfits and had a touch up of hair and makeup and were sent to do there diddy. Of course they changed the whole routine on the spot which made it a bit confusing for Josh. Now do you remember reading about Josh have you all been able to get a bit of a grasp on his personality...cause their is a whole lot of it and trust me a WHOLE lot of it came out today. They practiced the number a couple times and decided to role film. Meanwhile I do NOT know where Josh was, yes we could see him physically standing there but his head was somewhere else. He found every known distraction to man on that stage. The poor boy beside him was asked to help Josh, I think little Johnny now has an ulcer. As I stand behind the lights and cameras I am watching this poor 10 year old boy point Josh to his spot, tell josh to keep his hat on his head, remind him march and so forth all while trying to do his routine and smile. Josh had about every facial expression humanly possible covered in the first five minutes of filming. But the moment that took the cake was when Odessa the choreographer had to come and get me to explain to Josh that it was ok to hold hands with the other kids that there germs were ok! Ya that is right GERM JOSH is back. At this particular moment he was in full force GERM FREAK! You will be able to see on the video I took of them practicing that the kids hold hands and do a ring around the rosy kinda deal. Well once the camera was rolling, Josh decided he wouldn't hold hands with the kids unless his hands were tucked in his sweat shirt. All you see is two kids grab his sleeves in desperation to complete the task at hand. I of course am on the side lines chewing my fingers off, started with my nails but there is nothing left at this point. It feels like all the directors, camera guys and wrangler are upset or frustrated but when the scene cuts I have people coming up to me telling me how hilarious he is. So I guess they all understand. He had everyone in stitches cause you just never know what he would do next. We took a little break and the kids did a conga line which he was successful with thank goodness and one other routine which he did great too. Movie comes out in May 2006 "little man" Waynan brothers film. Josh's scene will be on the tv within the movie, a Barney type video D-Rex! I will be completely surprised if he is seen at all, he had a serious case of Sillys going on. What an experience. All in all I think he had fun, he said he is done dancing for awhile though. Lets just hope this hand washing germ thing fades soon!!!


Saturday, February 18, 2006

Gonna be a ROCKSTAR!

Ok so not really a rockstar but maybe a movie star? Josh is working on a movie called "Little Man", he has been in rehearsal for two days learning a dance number. Well if you can call it that. The movie is about a little person who makes really bad choices(my mommy lingo coming out), and to prevent being caught he goes into disguise as a baby! It is a Waynan brothers film, need I say more? Anyhow the small little part that Josh is working on is a Barney type video that will be playing on tv in a particular scene in the movie. Or at least that is what we are at right now everyday they say something different. Josh has a wardrobe fitting on Thursday followed by rehearsal where they learned their little dance routine. They were called back for Friday for more rehearsal and we are suppose to go back on Monday to the set to film it. The dinosaur is suppose to be Rob Schneider but of course we just get his double. And there was talk of the actor a nine year old little person being in the routine with the kids on Monday. Hence why I am not really sure what role this will have in the movie. The nine year old is the body for little man and one of the Waynan brothers is the head.

It has been hilarious to watch josh attempt these little moves and trust me he will need all the help he can get. He is the youngest kid there! There are a couple 6 year olds and the rest are 8-10. I will keep ya posted on what Monday holds for us, as we will be on set and it is suppose to be extremely colorful we saw a picture of it.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

How Sweet it is to be Loved by YOU!

This morning Josh woke up all by himself and hustled about came in my room and announced that it was time for me to search for my surprise. I thought oh how sweet Ryan must of hidden something with them for me this morning...ry was up and outta here before the sun had risen. So I asked Josh oh did Daddy help you do a surprise he said nope. So I followed Josh and he had me look in one toy bin, I told him I don't see anything, had me look in another that he suggested, still nothing, than he encouraged me to look in the car racing toy...and there it was! Josh had hidden a chocolate for me two days ago! He had taken one of the chocolates from the ones we put on his classmates valentines and hidden it. How Sweet is HE! So then he informed me that he had hidden one for daddy too, his dad doesn't know yet but when he comes home from work he too will have to go on the hunt for his Valentine's Day chocolate from his eldest son!

Quote of the week....by Josh of course!

Yesterday I was calling for Caleb and asking him if he could do me a favor, I needed the juice cup picked up off the floor. Yes it was right in front of me...but I was holding Abby and really they should pick up their own things off the floor. Josh replied with this....
"You know Mom Caleb is not your slave!"
immediately I snapped back where did you hear that? And of course he informed me that it is I who has said that,"you know Mommy is not your slave". Oh isn't it grand hearing your own words fly back at ya!

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Cute Pictures From David's Birthday!

you try getting four boys to stand still for a picture!
Abby got to wear the halloween costume her brothers did for there first halloween, I will have to dig up the pictures and show you how similar they all look.
Ya our three year old can grow facial hair!

At Our House Right Now!!

I was in the office checking my email and if you know me at all, you know that I am a hmmm lets just say frequent email checker! As I was sitting at the computer Abby was walking up and down the hall with her walker giving me big smiles and looking oh so proud of herself. I ran to get the camera as quickly as possible, and when I went into the kitchen there was a bit of a surprise. Caleb had completely redecorated all the kitchen chairs are lying flat on the ground and he has his stash of hotwheel cars lined up on the table working on a game of checkers with the place mat. Of course by the time I got to filming abby the moment had passed so it isn't' quite as cute as I had hoped!