Thursday, September 28, 2006


I was just reading Cara Lee and David's blog and admiring the cute pics of Emily and Abby! While the girls are at Cara Lee's they have cute little teaparties, dress up in princess costumes, wear jewlery.... it made me think back to my kodak moment of the girls today at my house!!! The only sad thing is I dont have the actual picture to show, so I will have to paint one for you!
It all started today All four boys are at school, so me and Cara Lee thought what a great time to sit down and have the girls play while we chat. It started out great! Emily was all excited to go upstairs and play with Abby so the two ventured on their own to the top floor of the house. Great time for us! We heard a couple squawks, nothing too major, BUT then a loud thump followed by a wail from Abby! I figured I better go check, I hopped up began to climb the stairs as I reach the final two steps I take in a deep breath glance around me and all I can see is brown marks on the floor accompanied by the most obnoxious aroma!!! Of course I scream! And yell to my sister I think Emily just pooed all over the floor(she is the middle of potty training so was roaming around kinda free).....Oh wait though it gets worse.... remember I haven't seen the girls yet. As I dodge the brown markings on the carpet I hop skip and jump towards my bedroom, to find two girls one looking sweet, cute with blonde little ringlets the other looking sweet, cute, but naked with brown rubbings all over her legs and belly! I love my neice sooo much but unfortunately at this particular moment all I could do is run the other way and try not to toss my cookies. After a few good deep breaths of fresh air found only at the nearest window, I was able to tackle the situation at hand! Cara Lee grabbed Emily threw her in the bath, while Abby commentated ewwww, gwosss, ucky, ewwwww, neenky throughout the entire clean up process! Well needless to say all is clean here at the douglas household once again!
The best thing was telling our germ-a-phobic son what had gone on while he was at school.....Oh man now you can just begin to imagine that me it was pricless!!!!

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

A big Talk

Today in Josh's grade one class they were talking about words in the "uck" family.....need I say more! This rhyming thing isn't always the greatest teaching method!!!!

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Bubble Mania

The other night we had one of those fun priviledges of having all three of the cousins over for the evening minus the mom and dad! It really is a priviledge because no matter how crazy or loud it is, there is always so much fun to be had. We had a great night full of silliness. The highlight of the night was bubble mania. I promised them that I would make a bath that had more bubbles then water. I think I was successful. The lesson I learned though was when doing this it makes it very slippery, hard on the eyes (the sting factor) and lastly almost impossible not to ingest bubbles.
Thanks for making the night so fun, Zosh, Vabid, Nonnor, Cayzeb, Emiwee and Zabbee!

Monday, September 18, 2006

Smackdown Mini Golf

How our mini golf smackdown worked, was 6 teams, lowest combined scores
was the team winners, as well individual prize for the lowest score. The
team winner was Killer T-Rex, individual was Matt. Good job participants!
thanks for making Ry's birthday a fun one!

Friday, September 15, 2006

Waddle to Swaddle

At our house these days we talk a lot about Nick! Who is Nick you ask, well let me tell you. Nick is an amazing little boy we love very much. He is one tough little guy. For the last few months he has really tested his mom and dad, they have had trips to the doctors, followed by trips to the hospital over and over again. His mom has been extremely patient and strong, he is so lucky to have her as his Mommy. She takes amazing care of him and loves him to bits! Oh by the way did I mention he is so cute you should see him....well actually that brings me to my point if you want to check out Nick you can at ! Nick is our nephew although we haven't held him or hugged him yet we already know how perfect he fits with us:) He is still growing in Auntie Natalie's belly! Josh has given him his name "Nick" funny thing is Auntie and Uncle keep referring to him as Baby Bean, but at our house he is Nick. I have added a link on our blog so if any of you want to keep up with our little nephew you can!
Natalie you are one brave mommy, for all the pain, complications, emotional rollercoasters and sacrifices you have already endured. You have proven yourself as "Mommy of the year" before you have even been able to hold your baby! We LOVE you and are continually praying for our baby "Nick's" safe arrival.

Monday, September 11, 2006

The Results are In!!!

Well here is the low down on my birthday song attempt!
We had an amazing response a whopping 4 phone calls came pouring in!!!

Here is the breakdown:
First to phone in was Marc and Nat...the song was weak but none the less they finished.
Second was the nephews, David and Connor! Ry says hands down they had the best rendition of the song taking it straight from the movie Madagascar!
Third was Matt Kennedy which Ry felt was the most professional of all, his tone and pitch were impeccable!
Lastly but by no means least was my Ma and Pa, now Ryan felt this one was the funniest as they could not contain their laughter long enough to get through a complete sentence of the song!

Thank you to all participants, Ryan said it was quite hilarious receiving these phone calls throughout his day!
Now if you are really just bummed that you didn't read the email in time to make the cut you could phone in tomorrow, last chance but you must sing the Birthday Song in French as your punishment for missing the deadline!

Did you Know???

Today September 11 is Ryan's Birthday! He is turning 34, I dare each and every one of you to phone him today and sing,

Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
You look like a monkey
And you smell like one too!

I promise to post the results....come on it would be pretty great to have his cell phone ringing all day long with that tune ringing in his ear:) If you need his cell phone number just email me and I will pass it on to you! You can leave a voice mail but you can't tell him what possessed you to phone and sing!!! hee hee hee.


Wednesday, September 06, 2006

The BIG day

This morning at 8:30am I brought Josh to school at which time the morning and afternoon classes were taken into the multi purpose room! The final moment has arrived....we find out which class Josh will be in for the next year!
Now the only request Josh has made was that he be with David in the same class. So we have been praying that would happen. At 8:45am Mrs. Mitchell began dividing up the kids into their respective classes. I was so overwhelmed with anticipation. David's class was the other morning class so they were not in the room at this time. All the kids in the multipurpose room had been divided as I look at the group Josh is with I was completely stressed, not one boy from his previous class with him, two of his favorite girls but no boys! I find out his teacher is Mrs. Hansen which is apparently a good thing, a verywell like teacher strict but excellent! Josh at this point has to go to the bathroom so I take him in the hallway I see Auntie Cara Lee I ask do you know who david's teacher is, at the exact same moment she asks me who is josh's. I tell her Mrs. Hansen....she scans the list outside david's old class and there it was in black and white Mrs. Hansen's class, wuhoo!!! I will leave out the part about where I turn into a blubbering fool and Auntie has to track down where josh is suppose to go because I was too emotional to follow through with my parental repsonsibilities....ya I will leave that part out:)
So I left Josh at 9:10am this morning with a big grin on his face sitting in Mrs. Hansen's class with his cousin by his side! PHEW!

Monday, September 04, 2006

First Day of School!

The big day is tomorrow, Josh officially will start Grade 1. He seems excited but assures me he does not like school! He has his new lunch bag and is ready to hit the road to the big leagues. The highlight for him is lunch time! The only bad part is I want him to come home for lunch...we will have to make a deal in there.
Anyhow keep Josh in your prayers as his ventures off to public school 5 days a week 6 hours a day um and maybe for his mom too:)))