Wednesday, April 19, 2006


On Saturday we got some EXCITING NEWS! My brother Shane and his girlfriend Becky came over and surprised us with.........

their Engagment!
Late friday night my bro popped the big question! And she accepted. Nothing was going there way that night and the story really is a comedy of errors but all to make it even more memorible! We are so excited for them and can't wait til the big day...which is still to be announced!
Today Abby was following me down the stairs I went ahead of her into the kitchen and a few seconds later I heard thud, thud, thud. I think she did a HUGE tumble down the last group of stairs. It was so sad! She was not happy understandably so! Barney seemed to help calm the tears though!

Caleb is 4!

April 18th is his for real birthday but we had a family bash on Easter Monday! Caleb had his wish and it was to have a family soccer game and he got his WISH! We headed down to Josh's school down the street where there was obstacle training, a few soccer drills, goal celebrations, and a family soccer game, Old Guns vs Young Guns! After a young gun victory we headed back to our place for supper, cake gifts a tough game of hide and seek! Uncle Marc was the best hider but he really did break the safety rules!!! He hid outside so I guess that means Auntie Natalie was best hider behind the office chair under a blanket....didn't want to tell her at the time that is where we saw the mouse shhhh! Caleb had a great time and really loves all his family!

Part of the obstacle course!

Dribbling through the cones!

Ry paired the kids with a grown up and they had to come up with the best goal celebration! Josh relieved Uncle David of his duties and came up with the super spinner winner! Caleb chickened out and left Uncle Marc hanging with his tummy bare!

Auntie Cara Lee had to play in net for the shooting drill, luck of the draw!

The two teams, Old Guns and Young Guns!

The Cheerleaders!

Our Anti-hugger surprised us all when David was overjoyed with the Young Guns win and scooped up Josh in a HUGE HUG!

Last picture "waiting for supper" then the battery died!

Happy Easter!

The morning started out with an egg hunt and basket find then off to church we were only 15 minutes late!

The rest of the day was filled with MASS amounts of chocolate eating!!!

Abby found Ry's ref whistle and LOVED it! She took charge of events.

We had Auntie Natalie and Uncle Marc over for Easter dinner, an impromptu one!

Mouse in the House

It started thursday morning. I came down stairs still in a fog, I stopped half way down the stairs because something dark grey and fuzzy caught my eye. I paused and thought am I seeing what I think I am seeing! I began shouting for Ryan, who was determined to ignore me and keep sleeping, but I was persistent enough, and not moving from my position of half way down the stairs. After Ryan hunted the entire main floor he was convinced I was seeing things. He even brought a toy rhino and said no this must of been what you say. I told him he was nuts and the toy rhino can not move and this thing was moving. But he would not believe me. The rest of the day went by I cleaned every cupboard, closet, corner and then some found nothing thankfully cause I don't know what I would of done! Around 3pm Eric (our room and board guy) came up and said you know I don't want to be the one to tell ya this but I am pretty sure I saw a mouse this morning. I was THRILLED! Finally someone who could verify my belief, I phoned Ryan straight away told him I was NOT crazy and he needed to take care of this or I would not be sleeping at home tonight. I was way too scared! I took the kids to ikea, then we went shopping and we managed to stay away from home from 3:30-9pm! We came home and saw the mickey mouse (tee hee mickey mouse) trap Ryan had set (Natalie is positive it works, that is his resource). This trap is a bucket with water string across the top with a pop can in the middle on the string covered in peanut butter. This just wasn't cutting it for me so I insisted ryan go and get some snap your neck kinda traps from the store. Ry finally got home around10pm, he set the traps up all around and we went to bed..I guess I didn't' follow through with my threat! The next morning (it was a restless night) we looked at all the traps nothing in the house but we did catch one in the garage. Ry reset the one in the garage and about an hour later another one was caught in the garage. I am pleased to say it has been 6 days and the traps have been up but we have caught nothing so we are hoping our problem is gone!!! That or they are not being enticed by our traps anymore? Mice aren't that smart are they?
One funny side note is on saturday I was telling my mom and dad about the all the mice we caught and told them we had caught four, all in the garage same spot too! Later when telling Ry there was another mouse in the trap which made four in total he laughed and informed me no it is the second one still I just haven't gotten it out of the trap yet...oops I had counted that stinkin thing a bunch of times....I will keep ya posted on the mouse action or lack there of!!

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

It isn't Terrible Two's it is Oh-Oh ONE's!

Our angelic little PRINCESS, Abby! Hmmm can you really use Angelic and Princess and Abby all in the same sentence. Um ya but only when she is sleeping. All my life I would hear about the "Terrible Two's" yet I have not experienced it. I think two year olds are great, it is one year olds that seem to take the cake here, or really they take, grab, eat, break anything they can get their hands on! I think the thing is two year olds start to understand that when the parent says NO they mean NO, the one year old is all about learning what this means. And trust me Abby is learning! Let me shed some light into Abby's World. Just in the past week she has accomplished all of the following:
Thursday: While playing outside with the three kids, we began a big soccer game. Mom vs the Rangers (Josh and Caleb). As we kicked the ball to and fro Abby ran around us and cheered, screamed and just walked about everywhere. As I was going in for my big GOAL! I realized oh my where is abby (don't' worry I kicked the ball and scored first) I glanced around checking all of her usual destinations, the garage, the porch and nothing. I then began to run over to a path right next to us to see if she had wandered but thinking it has been about 30 seconds how far could she really get? Josh had his nervous laughter going on, suggesting to me she ran down the street as I began to shout her name a bit more forcefully, Josh and Caleb both started laughing I turn and there is our angelic little Abby on our neighbors porch just running back and forth watching us!
Thursday night: I went into my bathroom at 9pm to discover an empty bottle of children's chewable tylenol on the floor. Knowing there were at least 5 tablets left I freaked! Ran into Abby's room yet she seemed fine....Thinking back I recall a pink beard on her but we thought she got a candy that had been on the floor in the kitchen. Poison control assured me that at abby's age and weight she would have to eat 13 for them to even be worried. She had a really great sleep that night!
Friday: I was telling my mom about her adventures (I am sure there are more that I am now blocking out). So Mom begins to tell me yes I know exactly what you mean After I few good swigs of chocolate sauce she got out of the cupboard she then decorated the floor at grandma's with the sauce! Better there than here though hee hee hee.
Saturday and Sunday were good she spent a good chunk of the day with her Aunt on one and her grandma on the other! But as we now know it doesn't mean nothing happened it just means that one of those two had to clean it up!
Monday: Abby found the bag of jelly beans...but of course only the black ones were left cause who likes black jelly beans.....let me tell you ABBY! She chewed, ate, who knows what else the remaining beans which left a beautiful black trail everywhere she traveled. The good news is after getting into the jellybeans she got into a almost empty bottle of tilex and dumped it on her clothes which actually prevented staining!
Tuesday: I was giving her a bath and she demonstrated her diving skills. She is sitting up and then POW she throws her body back goes under water completely, does a side roll and comes up laughing waiting for you to cheer! After I start breathing again I was able to show excitement, but more for the fact that she was still alive! Of course she does it over and over again!
So that is a week in the life of a one year old. Are you still thinking Angelic and Princess are the best words to describe Abby?

Thursday, April 06, 2006

I am a Graduate NOW!

Saturday April 1st was not only Auntie Natalie's 27th birthday it was Josh's Wee College Graduation. A cap and gown event! Josh has successfully completed his second year of wee college this year he learned all the divisions of the bible, books of the bible, Psalm 23, 14 memory verses which he really can tell you and 17 stories from the bible! The program is amazing but what is even more amazing is how the kids take it right in and learn it for life!!

The ceremony began with the 50+ students (3 groups freshman, sophomore, graduates) marching in to the tune of "pomp and circumstance" they filled the stage and continued to sing a few of their theme songs for Wee College. After the large group performed they proceeded to do individual class highlights. The sophomore class which Josh was in, demonstrated their knowledge of the books and divisions of the bible. Josh said the blue division minor prophets and one of the memory verses he learned Acts 1:8. The entire group also recited Psalm 23.

They ended the ceremony with the children passing through the arch way moving onto to their next class or being recognized for completing the whole wee college course. There was a lunch afterward for family and friends to enjoy with the college grads! Basically tons of kids running around from the high of sugar from eating one too many cupcakes.

When asked Josh stated his favorite part of the whole event was when he had the microphone and said his verse and blue books.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

They Came we Saw we Conquered

Veggie Tales LIVE was here on Friday!

We had a great time, we went with a whole crew of friends. The kids loved it even though their facial expressions suggest otherwise. Our boys sat with jaws open glazed look the whole time, but assured us they were loving it. There was big smiles when Larry Boy made his appearance. Abby on the other hand was shrieking and clapping and loving every minute of it. We were really high up for the first half then we followed Janelle and Daryl to the floor where we sat and watched the last half and it made a HUGE difference.

On our walk back to the car we had to cross a street so Josh and Emily Terrett grabbed eachothers hands crossed the street and continued to walk 2 more blocks hand in hand it was really cute! Hence why there are so many pictures.