Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Spring Break at the Aquarium

On the Last day of Spring Break we all went to the Aquarium and had a blast. Got soaked by a beluga whale, saw the sharks, observed an octopus, walked about a hundred times through the rainforest, and saw many more creatures of the sea! We ended our day with a stroll along the beach at Stanley Park and collected seashells. It was a great day!

Fender Bender

Yesterday was so beautiful out you would think it would be perfect driving conditions. Unfortunately Ryan did not quite have that experience. He was driving along somewhere in Surrey, when he saw someone come up on the right hand shoulder and was saying to himself this guy does not see me this guy does not see me!! And guess what he was right this guy did not see him at all. The guy side swiped the front right of the car. They pulled over and to Ryan's surprise the man was livid. He was swearing a streak, almost ready to lunge at Ry another car pulled over came out and said I saw the whole thing and looked at ryan and said it is not your fault that guy totally hit you. Which in turn made the crazy driver even more crazy, He verbally attacked the witness spitting out a few racial slurs along the way. There was no talking to this guy so Ry got the information he needed and will let ICBC take it from here. But nothing worse then an accident to through your day off. Thankfully no one was hurt.

Sunday, March 26, 2006


Things are NOT so good here at the Douglas House! Everyone (except for Abby) Has had a touch of the flu. Ryan, Josh and Myself all had the stomach flu on Friday...it was horrible. Saturday was fine and I thought we may be in the clear. But at around 2am I was proven otherwise. Caleb woke up and had blessed the bed with his stomach contents. It wasn't too bad actually I was able to clean it up he didn't get too much on his bed so we were all good and back to bed by like 2:15! My eyes finally closed and I began to drift when I hear a HORRIBLE sound and Caleb crying....I ran into his room and he had done it again. This time there was no quick solution. I changed him again put all the bedding in the laundry and him and I lay on the floor in his room. I tried to give him some anti nausea medicine but of course as soon as he swallowed it, it came flying back out! After lying there for an hour and seeing that this was not passing we set up camp on the couch in front of the TV with a BIG bowl in hand. We stayed there til 7am! Caleb BARFED from 2am-6:30am every 15minutes. Finally at 7am I carried him to his bed, and went to bed myself....informing Ryan that any noise, cry, or movement was on his clock I need sleep! And of course 15minutes later we hear Caleb at it again. The good news is that was his finally episode, he then did go to sleep. And so far he seems much better. Lets just hope and pray it isn't' Abby's turn tonight. Why can't kids be sick during the day???

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Guess Who is on the Move?

Not sure if I can make this work but here is my latest attempt!

Abby's on the Move

Monday, March 20, 2006

Funny Little Quote!

Last Sunday we took all the boys swimming left the girls (Abby and Emily) with the grandparents and took the four cousins to the Leisure Center. As you know from my bloggin, I can always count on the Maple Ridge Leisure Center for a good time! Well we did have a good time, we swam, we froze, the warm pool was closed as was the slide but we still had fun a few waterfall dunks, but I survived! But the funniest thing was said as we were getting ready to go. We were looking for a family room for all the boys to go in to get changed we found one, and as we walked in we all noticed it really stunk! The four boys congregated at the shower and I was about to turn the water on for them, as I asked "do you guys smell poo?" They agreed and we thought hmmm this is REALLY disgusting. To my relief it wasn't any of them, as I scouted around I spotted the garbage can and it had a disgusting full diaper in it. I explained to the boys "don't worry there is no free range poo anywhere it is contained" but oh MAN did it stink. We removed the garbage can from the room but it didn't help so we decided to change rooms as we were leaving that room Connor said to me "ya that was probably ours" I said " Oh no buddy it was from someone who had a diaper it isn't us" he confirmed with me " No Auntie we were here last week and Emily had a really stinky diaper, I think that was ours" I nearly died laughing. At this point both Buzza boys held their heads in disgust with their sister or maybe it was with their parents, Man can you believe them leaving a poopy diaper in the garbage can for a whole week!

Abby finally takes Her first steps!

Abby was a bit of a late walker(she is 16 months), but lets just say she is making up for lost time! Most kids cautiously take their steps slowly and with care. Not our Abs, she basically took of in a quick toddle once she finally decided to move. We were at my parents for dinner and I mentioned that Abby had taken five steps that day, I went to show them and my dad said oh wait I have to charge the video camera and off he went. We all moved on to something different, well after supper I realized I hadn't shown Abby's new move off so I got everyone ready to witness her amazing five steps, Papa Bear had the camera on and we were all sitting ready to watch. Let me tell ya Abby did not disappoint. She started off with her first steps everyone cheered and she just kept going and picking up speed. She started in the hallway proceeded to the kitchen and to make her way around the island, she did fall but continued to do this all night long. The best thing is we got it all on tape, phew! Unfortunately it is on my dad's camera so I don't have it to share but I took some video tonight of her trotting her stuff. Abby had taken a week off of walking she was miserably ill hence the lack of blogging but we are back and healthy and ready to make up for lost time.
Here are the videos click on the picture to watch!

Friday, March 10, 2006

Our Answer To Prayer

After my phone conversation with my very compassionate sister in law (she informed me that she too was full of tears trying to accept my loss). She brought me to the realization that I should be praying that we are able to save all our valuable memory's from our rebellious hard drive. She had been praying all morning and I know that because of this IT HAS ALL BEEN SAVED! Wuhoo. My life did exist last year Abby will have her first year in her scrapbook, Caleb will remember how adorable he was at three and we will have our photo's that capture the essence of Josh at 5! Praise the Lord.
oh ya and thanks to the computer dude #2 too!

Thursday, March 09, 2006

The Bad news or the Bad news?

Have you noticed I have not been bloggin up to speed these past weeks? There is a reason for that, yes life is busy and the kids are a wee bit sick but the truth of the matter is ARE COMPUTER REBELLED. I have been bugging Ryan over the past three months "we need to get the computer looked at, we need to get the computer looked at" basically I was a broken record. It had been doing some weird things. Finally Ry takes it in to have the computer dude check it out. It was gone for two days which was extremely hard for me. I slipped into email withdrawal finger cramping from lack of typing, vision blurred from missing out on my daily dosage of computer screen rays, friends phoning (the phone who uses a phone?) to check in on me it has been a hard week. After computer dude #1 not being able to figure out the problem computer dude #2 solved the puzzle. The problem was our hard drive it died. So there is the bad news. Now here is the BAD NEWS, our computer is back with new hard drive installed and working wonderfully and all of the sudden I am realizing I have lost EVERYTHING. All my planning for my preschool class that I teach, all my sunday school info for the preschool department I coordinate, all my email contacts BUT the absolute worst thing is ALL my pictures and videos from the past year. *%#@* I am bloggin about and realizing we have no proof of Abby's existence, no visual aid on Josh's appearance at the age of 5, and poor Caleb will never be able to look back at his wonderful year of 3. Ya I am being a bit dramatic it is for effect do you feel my pain yet? Ryan is taking our rebellious hard drive to the computer dude #2 so lets PRAY that he is able to retrieve all of our photos and video's of the past year. And from now on the douglas family will back up there files....I promise.